Frag Out Flavor - Husky - Taco Seasoning [LIMITED TIME]

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Bold, powerful, and unlike any taco seasoning you’ve ever encountered! This extraordinary spice blend takes your taste buds on an adventure, with a unique flavor that sets it apart from anything else on the market. Husky’s flavor profile is a true taco seasoning revolution. It combines the traditional zest of taco seasoning, an earthy aroma, and unexpected yet delightful twists, creating a taste experience that’s unmistakably Frag Out Flavor. But Husky doesn’t stop at tacos – it’s a versatile seasoning that elevates all your Mexican-inspired dishes, from carnitas to quesadillas and beyond. No heat. Quality ingredients, not just salt and sugar like many on the market. Gluten Free, No GMO. Processed in a facility with no risk of cross contamination. Packaged in an 8fl oz PET container.